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There are few places that can boast of numerous natural resources in a small geographic area like Jajce.

The nature of this Bosnian-Herzegovinian jewel was selflessly endowed with water, forest and mountain riches, creating unusual landscapes, leaving visitors breathless.


Leaps from the waterfall in Jajce are traditionally held in August, and are an international manifestation.

The last cascade of the River Pliva makes a magnificent 17-meter-high waterfall, which leaps from the waterfall puts into one of the most attractive tourist-sporting events in the region.

About 30 professional jumpers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region participate in the jumps. In 2016, on the leaps of waterfalls, the multiple world champion at Red Bull Clift diving, Orlando Duque jumped from the waterfall.

The first three best jumps rated by the expert commission, are winning cups and prizes.


Vrbas river because of its water power, offers opportunities for more difficult types of rafting.

Since 2007, the Club of Extreme Sports “Rafting Club Jajce” has organized rafting races on Vrbas for all adventurers.

The regatta is traditionally held in the middle of June, starting from Torlakovac and ending at the waterfall in Jajce.

The program includes transportation, professional skippers, all necessary equipment and a guaranteed good entertainment. There is also rafting on the river Pliva, and the trail runs from Pljeva near Šipovo and to Great Pliva Lake.

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Trails around the Pliva Lakes provide the possibility of mountain and road cycling in a beautiful natural environment.

The paths we recommend are:

Route 1: The length of the trail is 6.5 kilometers and leads from the city center to the main road M5. In this regard, you will enjoy in the view on Great and Small Pliva lake, the medieval mills and the beautiful waterfalls of the Pliva River.

Route 2: The length of the track is 21 kilometers, and this track leads to a part of the macadam path, partly to the local population known as the “track”. On the left is the hill of Ćusine, and on the right emerald green Pliva lake. The route will take you to municipality of Jezero.


Jajca is surrounded by alternating pastures and mountains covered by coniferous forests. Mountains like Ranča, Dnulučke Mountain, Huma, Ćusina and other are ideal places for excursions to true nature lovers.

PD “Ćusine” and the “Nature Friends” Club are actively organizing excursions and offering professional guidance services through the mountain paths.

Almost all the trails that leading to the most attractive sites are well-marked and interconnected, and offer the option for lighter hiking.

The highest peaks are, however, a real challenge for loyal climbers.


Speleological walkway is located on Dnolučka mountain, distance from Jajce 26 kilometers. The walkway has 6 caves and abysses, picturesque pastures of Džumašhvice, Sirokosa and Luška.

With several benches and tables along the trail, hiking is more enjoyable and the experience is more complete, while along the promenade we find a great variety of plant cover and landscape as well as edible, aromatic, tea and ornamental plants and edible mushrooms.

There are unlimited possibilities for easy walks, bike rides, winter skiing, collecting medicinal herbs and mushrooms, photo safaris, speleological research and other activities in nature.


River Pliva, Pliva Lakes and Vrbas River provide ideal conditions for sport fishing. There are 26 species of fish in these waters. Pliva is rich in trout, lilac, carp, marmalade and other species, while in Vrbas there is an alpine trout, a rotten oak and a clown.

It is interesting that in a different parts of the river Pliva occur, different types of fish appear.

The river Pliva’s ambience, the specific color of water and the richness of fish, are ideal for sport fishermen in the discipline of flyfishing , which is why Jajce in 2015 was the host of the World Championships in Fly fishing.


The town of Jajce is surrounded by a chain of medium high mountains, of which the highest Ranča is 1433 meters high.

In this mountain there is a ski center “Ranča” from Jajce, only 15 kilometers away. The ski center serves one ski lift on three ski slopes.

The trails are equipped with an artificial snowmobile track system and nighttime skiing lighting. There is a motel within the resort for guest accommodation.

Skiing facilities can be rented by ski equipment and hire ski school instructors.